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Remembering Riga railway station
Do you remember that moment in the car
Remembering the mongrel
Peter the Great in a roadside stall
You remember Vodichka in the
    pocket of your mink

Do you remember that windowpane
Remembered for sundry favors done
Do you remember our pilgrimage
    to Swan Lake

Fireworks on Victory Day
Those subway kiosks beneath Leninsky
When I confront you with memories,     remember

Remembering Novosibirsk
Do you remember sheer fear
Wrinkled apples and shriveled breasts
Solzhenetsyn and I
Vologda is so full of mud
I climbed Pushkin
Ships at anchor in Vladivostok
Wooden ships from a bygone age
My ship waded through endless night
Do you remember the cleaner woman
From Vologda to Petersburg
    by sleeper train

The autumn blows
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