Wrinkled apples and shriveled breasts
Arthritic knees totter to a therapy show
Cucumbers for lunch garnished with kefir
The blackness of the sea
Do you remember Sochi?
Champagne breakfasts in Limasol
Furs for Mafia dolls
Eggs with seaweed garnish
Those were the days my friend
Firm breaststrokes into the sea
While I look on petrified
For my Muscovite.


Solzhenetsyn and I
We both rode the mayor's bucket seat
His moment of glory
His time machine in Ustilimsk
With picnic baskets from Bratsk
In corridors of snow
Do you remember
Even one night with Vanya
Ivan Denisovitch
I remember the woodcutters' dacha
I see ships even now on Nipponsky More
Carry your precious wood away.


*Dacha: country cottage
*Nipponski More: sea of Japan