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Melancholy's Architecture
David Chorlton

The trains that are burdened with memories / make up lost time on the run / with the ease of a dream / repeating itself

Dennis Mahagin
Tricky tip-of-tongue memories / seed a cloud-poem Mr. Hughes / will write tomorrow about Rage / and Revenge

New From the Front
Martin Willitts Jr

George W. Bush love the indelible ink / as he signs death warrants for insurgents / There is something about the shape / reminds him of a cigar or zeppelin or bullet / it feels like victory

Russian Pencil Sketches
Ashok Niyogi

Poems that reflect a love for Russia and its people -- remembering the seasons, the windowpanes, the naked trees, the snowflakes in the dawn...from Murmansk to St. Petersburg by sleeper train.

Larry D. Thomas

For years the body's cells divide, just, one day, to reach it. Reached, it must be reached over and over again, shackling the body with ravishing iron, enslaving it to a habit the envy of heroin.

Things He Thought He Already Knew
Robert Demaree

Shards of a waning century: Upgrades, Internet blindness, Biggie sizing, downsizing, managed care. Gated communities, school safety: Arm the teachers, maybe the seniors: Who will remember the names of the towns?

Roomful of Navels
Craig R. Kirchner

A contemplation of mondo Zen, irresistible women, and that whimsical fellow Work Ethic, in a pink haze of holiness, surrounded by hundreds of drawings of navels, no two quite alike.

in the known world
john sweet

A search for small beautiful things and the truth that nobody ever really wants to hear, lost in a room with too many doors, and some of them open and some of them closed, and always the fingers of ghosts down your spine.

Martin Burke

A three-part contemplation on the beauty found in the cities of the heart, Go travels through Venice and Greece, always starting out for the islands, looking for the boatman, questioning the burdens and blessings in the turbulence and calm of the world.

Dirt Therapy
Arlene Ang

Sparkling to the last drop, the poems in Dirt Therapy travel through the chameleon-like moments of our ordinary days, shifting with the currents of love and loss, digging through the debris left by iced lies and revelations from lonely-heart lost socks. But somewhere between the hot peppers and the laundry, not far from the bickering tomatoes and menage-a-trois cheeses, the true colors of nature begin to shine through...

May Touch Redeem Us
Bill Noble

May Touch Redeem Us is a collection of erotic poems, evocative, tender, playful, brash, or seductive. Many are meant to be read aloud, sometimes before large audiences, sometimes in the most intimate situations. They are meant to celebrate the mortal splendor of love, and its essential silliness. May you find words here to whisper into the ear of your beloved, or beloveds.

Soup Sonnets
John Eivaz & P.J. Nights

Soup Sonnets is the way a gasp of excitement sounds, when you take it easy. Like a good movie, it has merging molecules. These 28 sonnets cover all the angles: love, action, comedy, and drama, with flashbacks sometimes only one word long.

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