You remember Vodichka in the pocket of your mink
And Anastasia in the cleavage between your breasts
They are middle-aged now
I have lost one more tooth
Age extracts painlessly
What I am today is so full of yesterday
And some imagined tomorrow in Acapulco
I do not understand constellations
And yet I dare tread galaxies
To earn my daily bread
While Vodichka and Anastasia snore on.


                   *Vodichka and Anastasia: the author's pugs, born in Russia, who have now migrated to India

Do you remember that windowpane on
That caught fire in the setting sun
Flowerless petunias braving the thaw
Cracks on the Moskva ice
Promising one more season of life
Do you remember clutching at eternity?
Have you quenched that fire now?
Do you let the sunsets be?
Do you see?

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