Remembering Riga railway station
In the afternoon slant of a lazy winter sun
Hazy unkempt trackside snow
The ochin priyatna with a silver-toothed smile
Platforms move on
The clock ticks
As life passes death by
Tip-tapping on cobbled pathways
To the photogenic church
Underwired brassieres from the Department Store
Computer games for the child I estranged from you
Hotel heating makes private puddles around shoes
The snow geometrically separates leafless trees
Treacherous sidewalks are shrink-wrapped with ice
I slip and clutch at you with my undernourished words
I snuggle in the warmth of your perfumed furs.


                   *ochin priyatna: glad to meet you

Do you remember
That moment in the car
The inching closer of palms
Frozen in November snow
Vladimirís amused look in the rear-view mirror
Urchins at traffic lights
Swiping at windshields
Fighting snowflakes for rubles
I lean into you to take out my wallet
But the light changes
From red to green.

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