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Rave on words on printed page... rave on fill the senses...

-Van Morrison
Rave On, John Donne

from The Inarticulate Speech of the Heart CD
Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Our Spring Issue is in full bloom! New features in Slow Trains include The Slow Trains Ten, wherein we begin to quiz interesting writers immersed in the creative life about the things that matter, and also our first online chapbook, the delightful Soup Sonnets, which is "the way a gasp of excitement sounds, when you take it easy...""

So dive in, and don't spend too much time on this bright spring day worrying about the question that arises in Scott Poole's jazzy encyclopedic poem -- how will they sum up your life in a thousand years in one paragraph?

Friday, March 15, 2002

Reading the most wonderful Slow Trains kind of book -- jazz in the bittersweet blues of life -- life on the road in the early nineties with Wynton Marsalis & his septet, beautifully written with/by Carl Vigeland. "And I'd be lying if I told you that beautiful women don't make you play better. Or try to play better. But not just the women. The presenter, who has worried for weeks about today's weather. The sweet grandmother who fixed you some cookies and asked if you could play some Harry James.....Parades and picnics, a stage, a summer's day, the cats. I loved them. I just loved them. You could take away all the glitter and just let us play. Hell! we're from New Orleans, we understand picnics and parades. And sweet things. And the blues. And making love......"

Sunday, March 10, 2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado

In spite of all the anti-gay/backwards things I thought I knew about this area, I have to admit while I'm here visiting a sweet friend in Colorado that this might be the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen short of some Pacific beaches. The Broadmoor Hotel is reasonably-priced glam/deluxe digs, Pike's Peak is an inspiration ( I swear I looked out at that morning view and decided to be a better man), even the Air Force Academy is quite striking as military schools go. I am definitely coming back here for baseball season, to see the minor league Sky Sox field with the hot tub used by fans out in right field.

Friday, March 01, 2002

Eight inches of fresh white powder roar in overnight to welcome the first day of March. School delays, big boots, brand new snowblower finally put to use by eager teenagers. Blow a path to the cars; to the street; to the hot tub; to the dog's water dish, which is really more of a (cold) tub, since Blizzard the wild Siberian Husky insists on staying outdoors in the snow and the cold to frolic and make mad paths around the yard. Listening to the Rockies exhibition baseball game, coming from warmer places, on the radio while making chili and cornbread to keep us safe and warm until our (almost) ominpresent Denver sun returns again.

March is the month of returning light, with sunrise moving a full 45 minutes earlier by the end of the month, and on the equinox (20th) the Spring Issue of Slow Trains will arrive, fully packed with literary delights. Stories and essays and poetry will include a report from Shanghai, poetic drum circles, a woman going to hell in a handbag, the truth about standing up against the Yankees, our first online chapbook of the "Soup Sonnets," a tale of the King Biscuit Blues, and much more.


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