V    Morning Shift

Up the stairs on one side
and down on the other
go the early risers
who never address
each other by name.

VI    The Night Bus

The bus with last chance wheels
has arrived on the square
at midnight, glowing like a theatre
basking in applause. As passengers disembark
they go their separate ways
but glancing back
to watch the one
who spent the journey
taking notes.

VII     Waiting for the Evening Train

The tracks are an exercise in perspective,
but nobody looks toward the horizon
while the sun hesitates
before its final descent, which will leave
a sheet as dark
as they are silent.

VIII    Timetables

For some it is a matter of survival
to know when their departure
is due. They hide their faces
when they buy tickets
and whisper to complete
the transaction. As each one turns away
a lens in the ceiling
winks as if to wish them well.

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