Under Surveillance

            Based on my own paintings

I    The Pier

At the farthest point on a wooden pier
a man stands where only the full moon
can see him with his thoughts
in his pockets
and his hands folding them
until they are small enough
to keep.

II    Still Waiting

A revolution passed through the town
leaving behind
the same daily rain
with the queues growing longer
by the hour, and nobody tells
the next in line
what they are waiting
to buy.

III    Into the Light

In the underground passages
that lead from train to train
every passenger has to decide
which exit to take
once they have arrived at the station
with sunlight streaming through the portals
to the street, illuminating each of them
for the surveillance camera.

IV    One Afternoon

On a day like most others
when the sky presses down
on all who walk beneath it
crosswalks bear the indecision
of those whose innermost thoughts
are keeping them dry.

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