come for me
             tell me your price

Peaches in Greece, pears in Venice--
what was I hoping to possess
when I bit through their skins?
(the taste was but an introduction
to the core, and the core was everything)

the waves lapped the steps
the shadows were active
and the self was more than an

Twilight and dawn--
that such opposites exist
is all due to Blake
and he is right--

to cast off the not human,
to embrace all that is human,
is not this the true salvation?

Twilight and dawn
in Venice and Greece
where else in the world
would I rather be-
what other beauty


The twilight of all things
has come upon the world,
the fruit is sour
beauty a burden
the boatman refuses to sail

"I'll pay you double!"
but even that was not enough
and there was no other inducement
       that I could tempt him with

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