a backdrop and a reference point
as we made love with the window open
so that your cries and the cries of the birds
mingled the way our sweat did
and the landscape honoured our being there.

Being there -- yes, that was it
both in the world and in that particular place,
the self fusing with the other
and our words were holy.

I could tell this endlessly
and not exhaust the beauty I find there
though the twilight has no words to match this
so what do you say Mister Boatman--
what is your price
and when will we arrive
and where are the books on these deaths?

Beauty burdens and blesses,
is a cargo the boatman refuses to carry
on his own
but which I must for what I call
       my salvation

so riddle me this--
is dawn a prelude or an indifference
to the daylight in which
these questions are asked and asked?

Whatever I answer
the beauty and the burden are the same.


             bless me
             give me your calm
             measure my life
              give me your echoes
wood anemone
             remain shy in a crude world
             escape the nets I place for you
blank page
             be inviting

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