What's it like,
      when you come?

Skin to skin, warm and new,
you laugh and snuggle in.
Like this, you say,
and twine your arms
around my neck and bring
your face this close to mine.
Your eyes go wide and dark,
your lips go slack,
and O you breathe,
your breathing a caress, and
O you sigh again,
shifting tune and timbre,
and kiss me without kissing,

breathe a sweeter O then,
deeper, rounder, softer,
a sigh you wed to pleasure
and to grief, calling
to the past or love to come,
and your belly fills
and your hips come weaving,
and, oh, another
O escapes, till now you're
not the harper but the harp,
sounded by your joy.
O you whisper, O.
Your mouth goes wider
and your tongue anoints
your lips, your eyes
go wider—O—your legs
go gaping, scissor shut, your hips

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