I Do

Let your breath bell out my belly,
let your tongue-tip dance its minuets.
I want to shape new sounds
from the satin of your skin,
I want your heart to harp my ribs,
my heart to press your plum-bowl breasts,
my spine to dangle like a necklace
from your lips. Oh, let your seedpearl
whisper secrets we simply cannot keep,
your hips upraise their praise in joining.
Let my honeybear lap soft along your heat
and swim your succor like a smile.
I want your legs to loop my waist,
your arms to hoop my kiss. Like...this.
I want to canter camelback,
to saddle-vault and sally—yes, I do.

Come let my seed swing arcs.
Come let me slip and slide you.
Woman, when your eyes roll,
when I lose my spurt of words,
I want our shatter seismic.
I want the rush of mountains
in our arms. I do.
And then to laugh like tasseled bells.
Our eyes like spilling jewels.
Our plainsong throats.
I want. I do. A peace
like horses, running on the hills.
I do. I do.

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