I wish the words might fall from my lips
dizzy copters from autumn maples
unchecked by fear of flight     instead I
freeze / doe-startled / by your softest questions

kisses like *snowflakes* on shy lashes
forgive my inarticulate blushes     melt into
the fat drops of a tropical rain as they head
southward over the landscape of my body

your tongue finds the key on a scarlet ribbon
nestled warm between my breasts
answers unlocked     tiny animal whimpers

split the rosy guava / spill sun-splashed juices /
know me in places where words
need not be spoken


nearly hurt by you to get what you wanted,
when you sucked me we shook, shivering humid
same as if we'd melted     when you were
raging and rumpled you left your speech
in a burlap bag by the side of the road

you rolled over me, squeezed my toes,
sat on     my back     my face     my cock
hoarsing, praying, mentioning 'yes',
intoning it, inspecting my ejaculations,
ah, with watery mouth, wide eyes -

and in this imagining i taste you,
in this outlandish bliss of a fever dream
your scent grows stronger, as softness of flesh
ossifies into the brick-air around me.

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