in an alternate universe

one day you just don't feed the goldfish, cruise
past work and never hit the brake, away
from zinfandel and wet heat, sunset hues
that burn vermillion in the rearview. play
the words you spin for me into asphalt
expressways, test them on your lips before
you press poems complete to mine. assault
my reason with your tongue, i've left the door
wide open. tease me, take me, bring us home.
shared breath and sweat in shaded hollows, pools
of promise into pleasure fill the tome
of verse with sighs and merging molecules.
one day perhaps i just don't feed the bird
and drive out west if you should say the word.

enough of silly love poems

Youíve watched me pound my dirty laundry
on a rock by the river, hang my delicates
on alder branches to dry. Iíve dared tell
you what I see in lazy cloud-drifts and yet

this first time nude before you, I tremble.
Iíve been marked by your thoughts;
now my breasts mirror the want in your eyes.
I gather poise, will myself to a dragonfly hover.

Quickly now, hold me here before I dive
beneath the opaline surface of the stream,
a freshwater mermaid, scared of your shadow,
of losing myself in honey   trickle   thighs   deep    fingers.

A bouquet of shasta daisies and paper poppies,
forgive me, Iím lost again in a love poem.

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