Rhyming Dictionary

one faults poetry
i quaff its rusty nose
don't insist solid
to me

it's named SARDINES
or Oranges a bit
i remember     years
of still insistance     your sweet apple smile

impledging enhedging dredging
a debate in a churchyard over a pint of rhyme
pack your bags     the war yields treasure
pop the hollow coins
tell me again
what you like and why you're like it


a solid stroke announces posture here.

the bat in aviation's history
is wrestling     first a shriek transistory
insisting validity, vanity's fear

finally a spurt through idiot drool
marvelous meter and singing spurt hit
poetry nose solid me SARDINES bit
years smile dredging rhyme treasure coins again

it     spools pools     you're the one i needed
to know all my life fingers of your voice
hold my grey matter pen matter of choice
always, so clever weather we speeded

south between us and if i disappear
cut this up   assemble me, do you hear?

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