Hurricane Katrina

The hurricane eye is shaped as an aborted newborn
according to a Christian television station,
so what was that body floating in the water
diagnosed as pure as raw sewage?
Let the finger pointing begin.

The politicians were more concerned with looting
than rescuing or water bottles or diapers
while the head of a nursing home fled
leaving the patients to fend for themselves.
Let the finger pointing begin.

Lake Pontchartain was pregnant with water
from years of compassionate cutbacks
as politicians put fingers in their ears.
If despair was a sandwich, the poor would be well fed.
Let the finger pointing begin.

The storm had the energy of a ton-mega ton nuclear bomb
exploding every 20 minutes. The coast line had been vanishing
the rate of 33 football fields a day, letting the accusations flood.
Now our fingers are toxic questions.

Last year, Senator Landrieu brought 25 children
to the French Quarter, strapped them in life jackets,
let them stand on a wrought-iron balcony above a blue tarp
representing how high the water might reach someday.
Children grasped reality with tight fingers.

Black water rose to poverty levels
as shafts of biblical lights swarm through the cracks
of the infrastructure of Homeland Insecurity
as the poor asked: Where is the exit strategy?
Ah, hell, let the finger pointing begin.

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