New Year Resolutions

    1. Hope

Hope begins with the smallest of things:
A newborn walking like a crocus;
The buds of a cattail in spring;
The silence as dawn rises a church bell;
The oyster shells barrowing into sand.

We take each thing as casual; but it is not.
It takes time and patience.
Something many do not have.
I prefer to take things as they come,
knowing hope is the smallest of things.

    2. Less

Some people take things the wrong way.
They take a detour beyond the warning signs.
This is how mistakes happen.

Some people try to reverse course,
circling like a bird for a perfect spot.
This is how change happens.

Some people refuse to change,
smashing ahead like clearing brush.
This is how it is not supposed to happen.

Sometimes less is more.
Sometimes waiting your turn is best.
Sometimes it pays to wait.

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