Rainy Saturday

Raindrops on the pond, a gray pewter tray
Hammered by scores of tiny mallets:
A day one might decide to go to the antique mall,
Or, better, to stretch out under an old blanket
With an old book, an English mystery perhaps,
From the town library’s dollar sale,
Or, still better, doze off, book in hand,
A rainy-day nap in New Hampshire in early June.

Viewing Foliage on a Cloudy Day:
Kinsman Notch, N.H., October 2002

At the park turn-out we can see the trees
Through a windy mist
Across a mountain tarn:
Maples, alders, sumac,
Red, yellow, orange,
Luminous, as though an inner light
Adjusted to the grayness of the October day.
The people in the blue car
Are heard to express regret:
The weather, that they had come this day.
They roll up the window and drive off;
They did not get out.

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