eight cups a day

I'm reading this magazine article
on the end-table in the doctor's waiting room
that compares 'universal consciousness'
to drops of water that form together to create a lake.

Once in the examination room the doc explains that all

6.7 billion assholes should drink eight cups a day
to maintain true health.

I assume the most efficient way to accomplish this
would be one every two hours that I'm awake.

Set the cell phone alarm, make it spring or bottled, not tap.
Or wait , better to ladle it from that 'lake of drops'.

Let those cups come together and
forge a new me
with a social conscience,
maybe even a desire to vote.

As the therapy grows
and becomes the rage
we will all come to realize
that we're more than
dehydrated egos, devouring
and pushing things
inside these ugly bags of skin
and that we all drink
from the same waters,
need to see Dr. Harding
and would benefit greatly
from reading the same magazines.

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