Poet & Artist

Arlene Ang lives in Venice, Italy, where she edits the Italian edition of Niederngasse. Her poetry has recently appeared online in The Pedestal Magazine, The Melic Review, Tattoo Highway, The Absinthe Literary Review and 2River View. She has received a nomination from VLQ for the 2003 Pushcart Prize.

Ang Kiukok is a Chinese-Filipino painter born in Davao City, Philippines, in 1931. His works have been exhibited in galleries around the world, including the US, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. He received the Philippine National Artist Award in 2001. A comprehensive collection featuring 836 colored plates of his works through the years, "Kiukok: Deconstructing Despair" is available in bookform and CD-ROM through Finale Art Gallery, Manila.


To Be A Chameleon
(first appeared in Gin Bender, Vol 1, No 2, March 2003).

For Love of Gardening
(first published in KotaPress Poetry Journal Online, February 2003).

More Than A Deficiency
(first appeared online in SpaceBreather, v1e5, 26 Aug -- 2 Sep 2003)

(first appeared in Sometimes City -- v2e2, May 2003)

(first published in three candles -- apprx. March 2003)

Quantum Mechanics of Modern Pregnancy
(first appeared in Niederngasse, Editor's Issue, April 2003)

One Fine Day
(first appeared in Scrivener's Pen, Vol 3, Issue 1, Feb -- Apr 2003)