One Fine Day

We lingeried our sex with words,
seduced with shameless formality.
As I stripped down to pc-tech verse
you asked me civilly to please shut the door.
Just a small fraction
of what you did to me with your eyes.
It was a half-snide, half-coy rape
of my lips followed by your tongue,
"Would you care for coffee or tea?"
The famished heat between us
quickly made us one.

And we made love
those 101-nights of an afternoon.
We unburdened every explicit
bestiality we ever knew.
With ceramic cups between our teeth
like horses' bits, I climaxed
to COBOL programming
and you to histories of Chinese teas.
Spent, we sat quietly and smoked our thoughts.
After a while we turned away
to redress for dinner with our spouses.

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