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Helen R. Peterson

Fishing Season Begins

The fish they mutter under the shadow
wondering to each other who gets up
at 4 am leaving his wife snoring softly
in the dark to make it to the fishermen’s
breakfast at the gun and tackle club
what kind of man spends all winter looking
forward to the day he can throw on the baseball
cap, frayed at the rim, and the jeans as faded
as his sun deprived skin that have been sitting
in a box all winter in the basement along
with the cooler, bucket, and tacklebox
stocked with freshly tied lures that he'd loaded
in the rusted out station wagon sighing quietly
to itself under the budding willow


rain hits green grass, white
lines blur, light dirt turns thick mud
no game tonight kids

©2010 by Helen R. Peterson

Helen R. Peterson is the managing editor of Chopper Poetry Journal out of New London, Connecticut, and has previously published in Fell Swoop, Main Channel Voices, Gloom Cupboard, Tonopah Review, Cartier Street Review, Poor Mojo’s, Wilderness House Review, Battered Suitcase, diddledog, Hiss Quarterly, Right Hand Pointing, Juked, Elimae, Haruah, Zygote in My Coffee, Pedestal Magazine (book review), Literary Fever, Debris Magazine, and Poetrybay, among others. Currently she has work in Girls With Insurance, Moronic Ox, Maintenant Quatre, and will have work in the upcoming issues of Southword Journal, Bull Spec, Foundling Review, Literary Tonic, The View From Here, and poeticdiversity. Her work was also featured in The Work Book, an anthology published by Poet Plant Press in 2007.

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