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Steve Dossey

The Orchard

Fragrance of rotting apples
a wasp seems
   drunk as me

Some Gal

Anachronistic like "modern"
She took me like a drug
Then left me in a crumpled sack
  on the floor of the bus depot


A break in her face
A kitten crawled through
Just goes to show
  what a smile can do


One round bare toe
A visor/burnished hair
Her sandals were torn
and her left breast tumbled
from her unbuttoned blouse
  Ah, the Deep South

©2010 by Steve Dossey

Steve Dossey has been published in Rolling Stone (4 issues, a poem in each) and several other books/journals including Black Mountain II, Spit in the Ocean ( photo), On the Bus, Beat Angels, The Beat Vision, Cutting Edge, Haiku Ramblings, Blood Lotus, SpokenWar, and Word Riot. He has recently completed "The Park Diaries", a book written from a woman’s viewpoint. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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