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R.D. Power

Baseball is Life

Itís not fair from the outset. An elite few are born superior and with proper training they succeed where those with lesser talent fail no matter how good the teaching and how hard they try. The mediocre, encompassing most everyone, bumble their way through trying to excel despite the hopelessness of ever prospering: they think theyíre much better than they are, but who has the right to take away their dreams? Others, who never asked to be here (it was their parentsí idea), just waste time grumbling about it all, never carrying their weight and getting in the way but demanding equal consideration. A thousand different things can happen at any time and thatís what makes it interesting and challenging. A great deal of it is boring, but it is punctuated with moments of sheer excitement or beauty that make it all worthwhile, and with moments of heartbreak that make one question the significance of it all. The end is certain, though just when and how it will come is unclear. Ultimately, some would say itís about doing oneís best; others think itís about money; others think itís about winners and losers; others think itís about attracting the opposite sex; others think itís about nothing; most donít bother thinking about it at all. Regardless, spring renews it.

©2010 by R.D. Power

R.D. Power makes his living as a consultant evaluating public programs. He started to write fiction a couple of years back and it has become his passion. In the works are two novels. He has a great deal of education, most notably a PhD from Berkeley in the area of Public Policy.

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