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Felicia Zamora

Fool’s Errand

The fool, like a ship, is what inhabits the space between land and sea.
                                                -K. L. Evans, Whale!

I wrote you
A letter today

I wrote
Line over line

I built
Ceiling and floor

Without walls
In the wall-less I became

Frightened of the weight of whales
Frightened of the collapse of sand

Started again
Line under line

Cupped the world
In spherical want

Between my lips
Tongue trying to bend

Wooden hulls
Inside acorns

Linear limits tidal
Over linear edges

Crush the center
In the World’s place

I stood
Oak in the rocking calm

The work of each, the work of other

Walk open into open night

Fill the already full
Nothingness is

A billion tips of envelopes
Bending, yet not sealed

To a billion letters

Set in small type
Set in small rectangles

Upon the printing press
A loom to you

A loom to me
Set in motion

In the drying ink
You hear the beast

Behind the I
The M the U

Feel the echo
Warmth fills your cheeks

Seeps whispers at the drums of your ears
The beast calls back

A name upon her lips
Transferred to your lips

Transferred to our lips
The beast’s phantoms

The beast’s shadows
360 degrees of dark cover, not swallow

Circumference a center
Light catches glimpses

Your own midnight
Mouth a burrow

In the shade
In the lightlessness

Of closed envelopes
Of night’s other night

Addressed to none and all
Returns again and again

Open the envelope
No reason, just open

The breath
Of the beast

Of the forest, draws
Welcome welcome

©2009 by Felicia Zamora

Originally from the Midwest, Felicia Zamora lives in Colorado. She works as an academic advisor in the College of Business, and is a Master of Fine Arts student in creative writing, both at Colorado State University. When not at work or in classes, Felicia spends time with her partner, Chris, and two Chow-mixes, Howser and Levine. Other published works may be found in Academic Advising Today, Poetrybay, Ruminate, Matter, The Great Ecstatic Reporter, Walt’s Corner, The Honey Land Review, zaum, The Black Market Review, Emprise Review, and forthcoming in Weave Magazine and Transcurrent Literary Journal.

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