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Salvatore Marici

Appetizer For Two

Extra virgin olive oil drizzled
over home-grown garlic heads
with severed tops
roasting until the skin
acquires light brown
and the bulbs soften
like butter at room temperature.
A vigorous nutty aroma escapes
from the inside of the clay pot.

Just out of the brick oven
I offer a Sicilian loaf
your hands crack
its semolina crust.
Sweetness releases
in the puff of steam.

My fingers squeeze
the clove I picked for you
golden pulp slides
out of the sleeve
spreads on bread
we share.

©2009 by Salvatore Marici

Salvatore Marici poems have appeared in several magazines, including Zygote in My Coffee, Slow Trains, Buffalo Carp, Oyster and Chocolate, and Off Channel. He has placed in various poetry contests, and has work forthcoming in the anthology More Sweet Lemons. He lives in the Midwest on the edge of urban sprawl with his three cats, Moe, Curly, and Ruby Tuesday, and plans to retire as a Management Agronomist within a year. For more information see his Web site.

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