Kindle Or Something Like It

The girl who went
down on me while I tried to shave
standing over a sink at the Lonsdale
Hotel on Salmon Street, in Portland:
Single Suites -- By the Night Week
or Monthly!
I remember
her round brown eyes,
and slow roll of shoulder
blade; her brow, wet
from the bath, all
that steam in there
and the heavenly dollops
of Barbasol lather falling
on her ponytail braid
like dogwood blossoms
on a mareís mane,
but I canít seem to pull
her name, Iíve been trying
but it wonít come
to me, Iím working the whole length
and breadth

of memory, whittling it
down, slowly but surely to either
Shyla, C.C. or Cherie. Itís bound
to arrive any second now you can

bet itís fairly burning, right there,
on the very tip
of my tongue.

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