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Bruce Taylor

Reality Check: At the Writer's Confererence

          for the Sisters Karamazov

A Porsche in the parking lot
with a vanity plate, "IAMB,"
a Bentley by the conference center
which used to be the barn.

There's a slim, bikined
prose-poet Tai Chi-ing while
the tractor circles around him
cutting lawn for volleyball.

They're grazing salad bars
while discussing Amy Lowell.
They're jogging up and down
the Robert Frost Trail.

Conversations and choices
croak with irony and wit
to write some poetry or attend
yet another lecture about it,

Outside, stars each to each
inspire and are inspired by.
Inside, the registration fee
is unrefundable by July.

©2009 by Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor is the author of seven collections of poetry, including Pity the World: Poems Selected and New, and editor of eight anthologies including, with Patti See, Higher Learning: Reading and Writing About College. His poetry has appeared in such places as The Chicago Review, The Nation, The New York Quarterly, Poetry, and The Writerís Almanac.

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