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Caroline M. Davies

Reading Mayakovsky

In this damp climate
winter is a series of rains.
Mud clogs my feet
on the morning walk with the dog.

Snow would make the world crisper and clearer.
This line of trees with black winter branches
against the clean white field.
The Spaniel running to fetch a stick
an animal from a Breughel painting.

Instead the trees blur into the mist
in which the dog appears
and disappears barking furiously
about the lack of rabbits.

While I mourn past winters,
St Petersburg snow
The cold pleasure of chocolate
ice-cream on Nevsky prospect
Best eaten whilst reading Mayakovsky.


The snowman remains
on the side of the hill.
like an Easter Island statute.

He came a long way
from the top.
Gathering leaves and moss
as he went.

It took four adults
to lift his head.
His coal eyes
stare black.

He could be carved
in stone,
but the weather
is softening.

He fears the rain.

©2009 by Caroline M. Davies

Caroline M. Davies has taken far too long to realise that writing and reading poetry are the things she most enjoys doing. She lives in Britain and works for the Open University. Her poems have won prizes in a number of competitions, including Blaenau Gwent, Aber Valley Festival, JBWB, and Flashquake. She occasionally blogs here.

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