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Stephen Roxborough

remember that summer night in agra

after the neon bandstand wedding
party marched
past our restaurant table
where i first ordered jeera rice
we laughed at the waiter
trying to explain by repeating
himself louder and louder
caught in a spell of undying love
we retired to hotel room
between evening heat
and fresh wind blown linen
under comforting serenade
of swamp cooler hum
the silent moonbeam thief
slipped in through spying blinds
as lazily i kissed every spot
on your taut lithe frame
and promised to paint a canvas
your every inch as cosmos
each freckle a star
each second a galaxy
my greedy lips swimming in light years
slowly curving round your heavens
tongue tripping across the zodiac
tasting each sign
of this perfect universe
then in a sudden flash of supreme confidence
and foolishness i heard myself
announce "i will build you
ten taj mahals!"

©2009 by Stephen Roxborough

Stephen Roxborough (aka roxword) was born in New York to a Canadian father and American mother. Hes co-founder of Burning Word poetry festival and Head Poet for Madrona Center, Guemes Island. An award-winning performance poet, Rox has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2003, 2006), appeared at the Skagit River Poetry Festival (2004), and co-edited radiant danse uv being, a poetic portrait of bill bissett (2006). He is the author of making Love in the war zone (2001), so far all the very long important subversive mind-expanding long ones (2002), impeach yourself! (2006), and blurst (2008). His spoken word CD, spiritual demons is available at Amazon and

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