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James Anderson

The Most Romantic City

Minneapolis is the most romantic
city in the world where
steam rises from gutters and
snow falls in May
and we huddle in heavy coats
drink wine in old cafes with
stained Formica counters
pass notes in dreary offices
under popping flourescent
lights smoke cigarettes in
doorways while
the boss isn't looking kiss in
other people's overheated cars
add love poems to emails
which on Monday mornings we
frantically erase

The Playground

I thought it very unromantic
to talk about that man
you just met in the
produce aisle of Rainbow Foods
and a month later
I thought it very unfeeling of you
to say how happy you were
with Pete it was and cruel
I thought cruel the way you
said his name to my face
just someone steady
you told me after all the hell
you’d been through with your
drunken ex
and I didn’t ask but you went on
about him and on and on
into the blue evening and
as we sat on swings with the shouts
of our children in the air
you asked will you come tonight
after Maggie
goes to bed and I said of course
you know I will

©2008 by James Anderson

James Anderson publishes poetry and short fiction in a variety of venues, both online and print.

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