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Marciano Malvar Guzman

From a Roman Villa

You say you wanted a house
with a view
to watch summer fires
at a distance.
Birds would preen
where a road slopes gently
into nearby hills.

Bare trees are images
of death in autumn.
Wind and water,
no deliberate dream.
The blinding snow rewinds
your concept of absence.

Turn around.
Beneath your window
the things we love
are bursting
into a world of daylight.

Afternoon Walk

After that long walk
winter fell
into your snowy depths.
We saw houses
strewn among the trees.
Everything was distance.
The humming of cars.
The bird cawing out
his crest.

You talked about things
children were never able
to resist.
Who came out of childhood
into silence?
We considered all the rooms
we have slept in,
the floodlights
we have seen,
the mind who wanted us
to be here
since the beginning.

©2008 by Marciano Malvar Guzman

Marciano Malvar Guzman is a poet, philosopher, and certified public accountant, based in the Philippines. He received post-graduate degrees in journalism and philosophy from universities in Spain and Italy. Breaking into Light, his collection of 100 selected poems, was published by the University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila. His poetry has appeared mostly in Philippine national print publications like Philippines Free Press, Solidarity, and Philippine Graphic, among others. More recent credits include U.S. based online magazines like Flutter Poetry Journal, Static Movement, The Monongahela Review, Poetry Friends, and Oak Bend Review.

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