About the Poet

David Chorlton grew up in England and later lived in Austria, before moving to Arizona in 1978. In Europe, he used to travel whenever he could on trains, which became a part of his subconscious life. He has a life in visual art, and has published his poetry in many magazines, as well as in a number of individual collections, including Return to Waking Life (Main Street Rag Publishing Company), Waiting for the Quetzal (March Street Press), and The Porous Desert (FutureCycle Press). Even in the desert, he has retained a sense of nostalgia for the railway terminals of old world cities.


Blue Unicorn: Bruegel
Coal City Review: Dream of the Missed Bus
Free Verse: Some Trains (short version)
International Poetry Review: The Good Soldier
Kings Estate Press anthology: Night Thoughts
Omega 6: Night Thoughts, Free Verse
Poems Niederngasse: A Surrealist’s Disappearance
Runes: Owl History
7 – 7 – 7 (Pudding House anthology): Ex Libris
Skidrow Penthouse: Dream on the Orient Express
Slipstream: Some Trains, Seeing in the Dark
Underground Window: Under Surveillance
Voices in Wartime: Alun Lewis
Voices on the Wind: Melancholy’s Architecture
Zygote in my Coffee: Seeing in the Dark

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