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Jonathan Rutigliano

Visiting New Hampshire

Visiting New Hampshire
With a good friend; Michael
Between deep inhales
We saw Jesus on a canoe
Fishing Lake Winnipesaukee

He was cheating
Using the snagging method
When trout love
Pink chewy pellets
(preferably without hooks)

It's OK, because
Michael is Jewish and
I only eat trout on Friday
It's not as if we're
Questioning Copernicus
We're just good friends
Visiting New Hampshire

Silence Over Partridge Island

Distant noise that pierces fog
Why do you sound sad,
When you protect me from danger?
Though deep tones penetrate soup
Better than light ever could
It makes sad sailors want
To feel cold water in their lungs.
Take heed the silence-
Emanating from Partridge Island
As I sail past Saint John
Almost home for the last time.

The Lion Pauses

The lion pauses while drinking its water
To stare at its own reflection.
Is this a moment of self actualization?
Is it remorse for today's kill?
Is it blessing the days it has spent alive?
Is it wondering if its cubs are safe?
Is it contemplating why it looks this way?
Is it reciting a line of a lion poem?
The lion pauses while drinking its water
To stare at its own reflection.

©2008 by Jonathan Rutigliano

Jonathan Rutigliano is a Research Assistant at the University of Colorado, and enjoys oral presentations of his poetry.

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