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Kristine Ong Muslim

Corinne runs away with Aaron

If we could only live the secret lives of dolls.
All their dresses have not gone dirty yet, not

yet ruined by refinement and good taste. Hunger is
coiled deep in our stomachs. Watered down. Quiet.

The trees have grown darker; they can see us in here,
laugh at the miniature saint on the dashboard, the
prayer beads.

Our fingers trace our names on the frosted car glass window.
The letters will all disappear by morning. I swear.

The Evidence Locker

Reconstructed bits of a tragic tale
now all bagged, labeled, sealed.

A leaf with a portion of a boot imprint,
a hammer, a chipped coffee cup,

a rusted knife, a glass shard --
tell us your story, teach us how

a wreckage calls out
to its survivors.

©2008 by Kristine Ong Muslim

More than 500 of Kristine Ong Muslim's poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in over 200 publications worldwide. Her poetry has appeared in Boxcar Poetry Review, GlassFire Magazine, GUD Magazine, 42opus, nthposition, The Pedestal Magazine, Turnrow, and Void Magazine.

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