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Michael Haeflinger

Home Run

I leave home any way I can

poke a hole through the middle
drop a baseline tap
get hit        walk

out there
I steal      slide
my own kind
if I have to

get picked
off not paying

only return
if I know a chorus
of high fives
awaits me

on my bench
half underground
I imagine
getting over
the fence

leaving and returning
the same day

making myself
a bona fide hero

all in one shot

really earning it

©2008 by Michael Haeflinger

Michael Haeflinger is a poet, educator, and organizer from the Midwest, now living in Berlin, Germany. His work has been featured in Nexus, Make,, UR Chicago, and Chicago 6 Corners, where he is poetry editor. Upcoming publications include SoMA and the Tall Lighthouse anthology, due out in 2008. For more information see his MySpace.

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