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Kimberly D. Robinson

Painted Desert

Sun-kissed desert
tranquil wind-blown footprints
a heart as silent as a cactus

Grains of sand tell a story
multi-colored memories
seraphs busy
making our hourglass

A quiescent desert
painted prismatic memoirs
the look in your eyes; captured
preserved and preciously fossilized

A heart as silent as a cactus
glistens like quartz
seraphs busy
adding grains of time
to our hourglass

A painted desert sings a serenade

Glass Harp

Hands aged like fine wine
Strum goblets with moist fingers
Celestial ice chimes.

Spider Waltz

Geometric pearls
Woven acrobatic silk
Such graceful deceit.

©2007 by Kimberly D. Robinson

Kimberly D. Robinson is a scientist, science teacher, writer, and poet, living in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She has published in MicroHorror, The Erotic Woman, Express Yourself 101 Anthology, A Bunch Of Wordz 2, Fresh!, Thug Works, All About Jazz, and will soon be published in Mississippi Crow, Daily Chills Calendar, and Midnight Times.

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