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Jessy Randall

Babies Should

Babies should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Babies should not sell out. Babies should make a judgment call. Babies should try not to make such a mess while eating. Babies should think outside the box. Babies should sleep through the night. Babies should push the envelope. Babies should expand their horizons. Babies should keep it simple. Babies should maximize their potential. Babies should be proactive. Babies should fight the power. Babies should not put their hands in the toilet. Babies should prioritize. Babies should empower themselves. Babies should consider the bottom line.

The Kind of Conversation You Never Had

The kind of conversation
you never had, a kind
that harkens back to
another kind.

Trying to remember
unmemorable things,
and being sideswiped
by other memories --

they come buzzing back
with twice the force
of the original. It's like
time condenses emotion

then releases it, some kind of
chemistry experiment
and we end up drenched
in an unknown substance.

©2007 by Jessy Randall

Jessy Randall is Curator of Special Collections at Colorado College. Her first book of poems, A Day in Boyland, is now available from Ghost Road Press. For more information see her Web site.

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