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Jennifer VanBuren


A hint, whispered from stage right.
The metronome ticks its reminder
heart beats, breath sounds and memories
of my your movements;
still the words elude me.

Since you have gone,
Dr. V does not bother to ask about
sexual side effects.
He still insists on the usual lines:
"Do you have trouble concentrating?
Recovering words?"

I took a hundred years of piano lessons
and cannot remember the damn terms
printed on that metronome.
Forte, no not forte
that's volume
and staccato?
Crescendo? No, that's volume again.
I need speed

From the back seat
our baby boy asks
"Mommy, why is Mozart so sad?"
And I tell him,
"Maybe he lost something he really loved."

And he says
"I bet he lost his dog"
and all I can say is
"I lost my Latin
and I don't think
it's ever coming back."

But it did.
The moment your unfinished prescription
fell and scattered across the bathroom tiles,
they came to me,
"Largo! Adagio!

Steam whistles from the kitchen
and I forget the name of that book
you always wanted to read.


I inspected the rivets
in the fuselage,
all was smooth, smooth
and still this friction!

Thirty minutes we circle Dallas/Fort Worth.
Did the captain mutter alive, alive into crosswind currents
while the stewardess gave her light lilt reminder:
if for nothing other than your own safety
please remain in your assigned cabin,
desire only that to which you are accustomed
no lap napkin snap
no twist top family prize.

I promise I will not mix my piss
with that of the upper class

Wing tips tilt
we fall like a feather in an updraft
bound rebound pas de chat
down the runway on padded-toe tires.

Eyes closed
I breathe deep the air jet
slow my heartrate like a monk in an MRI tube.
Overhead compartments
are emptied of unsettled baggage
row by row
everyone knows
we all wait our turn for midnight kisses
from the cockpit.
alive alive

©2007 by Jennifer VanBuren

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jennifer VanBuren now lives in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas with her husband, two sons, cat, dog, and occasional lizard. She enjoys hiking, is addicted to Battlestar Gallactica, and spends most of her spare time publishing the online journal of poetry and art: Mannequin Envy. For more information see her Web site.

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