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Marc Swan

On June 16th thinking of Leopold Bloom.

so maybe it isnít God you are looking for
after all
after all is said and done
it is about you
standing naked in the sun
and what a day it is
mile high blue sky
that surf pounding right up
to your curling toes
hours before the shark that will gnaw
the limb off a surfer boy three
hundred yards off shore
comes into view
in view of the trees that line a beach
that borders a field where
wild flowers bloom
Bloomsday is a time
a state-of-mind
a paradigm waiting
for the right person
the right line


eye color catches my eye
one green one blue
maybe hazel
or speckled green or ghost eye blue
like the toddler I saw today
at the coffee shop
eyes so blue they cut through
my froth and made my coffee cool
ice blue
twice blue
the mother bleached blonde
with an insouciant
smile that made me
wonder at her long legs that fit
perfectly into faded jeans
blue eyes that complimented
the childís eyes
ghost blue
ice blue
like her heart maybe
or my thoughts
turned once and once again
upon themselves

©2007 by Marc Swan

Marc Swan lives on Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine. His poems have been published in Exquisite Corpse, Slipstream, LiNQ, Rattle, and Black Mountain Review, among others. A collection of his poems, In a Distinct Minor Key, was published by tall-lighthouse in April 2007.

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