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Leslie LaChance

Little House Dogs Prefer

Little house dogs prefer confined spaces, says the animal behavior expert.
Pen a terrier up in the kitchen when you are out,
and he will be more content than if he had the run of the house,
more content than if he roamed alone among your book towers,
your chattering stacks of CDs, those tasteful orange throw-pillows,
the espresso cups dirtily perched in crusty silence on Swedish end tables.

Your terrier does not need your guitars and whistles and maracas,
your Tevas and Doc Martens and two sets of Nikes,
your twelve pack of toilet paper, your grill lighter, your modem.
The Korean pottery and your bead collection languish on irrelevant shelves.
What of the Pakistani brass candelabra? The blue glass torchier?
The period chaise longue? Your terrier is not impressed; he cares for aught
but his cozy kitchen, a little kibble, keeping watch for you.

©2007 by Leslie LaChance

Leslie LaChance lives in Northwest Tennessee, where she spends time grooming her tomatoes and ducking tornadoes. Her poems have recently appeared in Juked, Broadsided, and Free Lunch.

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