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John Eivaz

The Writing I Had an Idea About

There were pillowcases and thermals and bras
convulsing with wind in varied grey afternoons.

I got earshot and tried to explain,
omitting words every so often in a regular pattern,
and didn't begin to explain until I randomized

the words then the ideas then the writing.
Would that syntax would sometimes have been
as waterbeads on skin or wind on water

I would no longer wish to write. I could point,
or simply listen and there I would be
in this water, in these winds.

remainder of thursday afternoon

hue the

dirty gold, sun
dust rocktop
after all what

it is hard
stone you
pretty we

want pretty
shop display
pretty window

you are sad
sleepy paper

relevant hair
sad stone
pretty window

your blue
robe tries
color inside

hair flies some
blue reason blue
soon goes white

©2007 by John Eivaz

John Eivaz was born in New York and currently lives in California where he works at a winery. His writing has appeared on various Web sites, including numerous past issues of Slow Trains. His chapbook, Remainder of Thursday Afternoon, can be found at

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