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J.D. Herniak

An Entirely Different Universe

Early morning sunshine
On East Colfax
Where I used to walk
In an entirely different universe

Our sleepy teenage hearts
Stood there in the shadows of
As I looked back
You, standing there in the doorway
Shining like the morning sun
A baby in your arms
(and soon, another in your womb)

My! How the waves were flowing fast!

Illuminous new millennia
Wildly awakening our lost souls
My walks to work were more like strolls…

Sometimes leading up to Seventeenth
And I used to often think
That maybe I would just keep walking
Across the city
And up into the backdrop
Mountain scenery
And stay there a while

But everyday
I found my way into an elevator
And up to that gray, fifth floor
Cubicle world above Broadway

Where my dreams made their way
Onto luminous screens
And somehow machines
Tried to swallow my dreams
Chasing me away at the end of the day
And I’d find you there once more
Standing in the doorway
A baby in your arms
As the low evening sunshine
Would slowly
Fade into moonlight
On East Colfax
Where we used to dream
In an entirely different

Songs of War

Funny how these songs of war
Dream only of distances
                Sunny days revised,

A communal renewal
Of the most tuneful triumph.

Divisions dissolve as
Religions evolve,

(and everything I meant to say
            Is far away)

This star-crossed
Distant, galavanting
They all had things in common

Play your trombone wisely lad
Carress your eardrums,
As chords I strum
                   And dreams
In      chanted      anthems

Chlorinate and pollinate
And emulate the outcome
As our
            Outstretched wings
                        Hold onto things
Like clouds
                   as pink as


©2006 by J.D. Herniak

J.D. Herniak is 26 years old, a musician, artist, and family man. He has been cosmicly displaced over the last five years as an army medic, and has served two tours in Iraq, during the second of which, he started writing poetry again (including these pieces). He seeks future endeavors in music, art, and fantastic happiness.

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