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Michael Ceraolo

Ode to Ichiro

One name, like a rock star,
and rock-star style to back up his substance,
climbing the wall and sitting there
(a marriage between Superman and Humpty Dumpty)
to cause suffering to the batter
by robbing him of a home-run,
such suffering will not lead to wisdom;
gunning down runners trying to take the extra base;
feet moving on his swing
like a tennis player,
like a tennis player he moves the ball around
better than anyone playing the game
when small minds scoff at such skill,
he serves a few into the seats
to temporarily shut them up
last but not least, he's legitimized larceny again
with his successful base-stealing

©2006 by Michael Ceraolo

Michael Ceraolo is a fortysomething civil servant/poet trying to overcome a middle class upbringing. Has had numerous poems published in numerous publications, and is also the author of the forthcoming book-length poem Euclid Creek: A Journey (Deep Cleveland Press).

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