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Janet Butler

sky fell

fragments of blues and whites
slip the curve of blinds
and fall
shadows of themselves
on burnished parquet

they seep in pale grey puddles
on shimmering wood
kaleidoscopic design
that swells to shrink to swell again
when spring winds crash
in limpid waves
on shores of drowsy-headed, silken boughs

in a minor key

grey winds snake
through loops
and swirls of cloud
fading to muted shades
of rain
in delicate frisson
the music blurred
by monotony of plash
to a minor key
against the softened browns
of wet earth

©2006 by Janet Butler

Janet Butler currently lives in the Bay Area, California, after spending many years in central Italy, where she began writing poetry and painting watercolors. She is a current member of the California Watercolor Association and ProArts, an Oakland, California artist cooperative. Ms. Butler's poems have been published in enough magazines to keep her (relatively) happy. Recent publications include Miller's Pond, Mannequin Envy, and Spiky Palm. She was featured poet for Sage of Consciousness, Fall, 2005.

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