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Janet Thorning

Who Will Save Him

I found him huddled in a corner
talking to himself
something about how the farmer had
neglected to feed his cows and now
they are all dead.
I tapped him on the shoulder
he spun around
quick as the fox
that killed the rabbit
in my father's tomato garden
that he loved
more than me
more than my mother
who lived at the kitchen table
in a plume of smoke
waiting for him
to see her
to touch her
to tell her that he
loved her more than
the others
but that never happened
because he crawled
into the bottle
that seduced me
and now it wants my

©2006 by Janet Thorning

Janet Thorning is a writer who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Her work has appeared in various journals, most recently, She is currently working on her first novel.

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