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PJ Nights

you, anchored

to a river flow, to a sea
where land is put to the warmth
here you will be the petal of a flower first

      tiny lily bells

your feet tap time to a broom
finding heights on Saturday floor-boards

where girls come on foot
in organza dresses

where girls take ratchets to the chains of bicycles
where girl's feet don't stop

      on rounded stones

beach blankets and guitars
story-tellers are there for the night

          tuck them in

they walk through the surf, pluck snails
from rocks, sleep on the orange shoulder

            of Orion

failing to break it down smaller to find infinity

I visit coffee shops look at blue eyes and brown
eat donuts and drink lattes fat with cream
hoping to reach critical mass

a grazed edge of a curtain
and there are eyes behind
I feel them     the instruments
of atom dissection are on the tray

tweak the electrode, power up
the magnetic field   she’s sucked
to the starting gate, a proton
knowing her place in the big bang

moves as fast as she can
into anti matter - the black side
of a proton into

antiproton    her heart spirals
into the bubble chamber
her momentum expiring

in a top quark deconstruct neruda
it was green the silence ; the light was moist
the month of June trembled like a butterfly

  of of a of of ;
    like green of of the trembled
        it the ; month green of

break it down to smallest parts, smaller
than words to syllables

            the green of like
       it was --- moist was ; trem
       June month but a fly
         light     ter
         si     lence

it was a green fly sail
patron alighting moist
with June-bled butter stopped

         who dared touch her hair
her stopped it who
         patron who green hair dared
butter her hair her butter who stopped

©2006 by PJ Nights

PJ Nights lives in Maine, where she teaches chemistry and physics, two loves passed on to her by her father. Past projects include co-editing (with CE Laine and Dorothy Mienko ) The Women of the Web anthology, available from Sun Rising Press. Her poem "from wives and mothers" was nominated for a 2004 Pushcart prize, by Blue Fifth Review. You may read more of her work and that of other poets, and also view a list of her publications, at from east to west: bicoastal verse.

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