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Gabe Long

What Grey Smells Like

Inhale. It's in the way raindrops rip canyons
through a windshield
after trickling out of heaven
twenty-six hours straight.
And in the way
that rain can puddle in pools
and then breathe and swell --
the way her dress puddles at her feet
when she's home
on a drizzling naptime Sunday afternoon
then bare feet meet bare eyes
and damp hair.
It's in blue jeans wrapping
around bedposts at thundertime --
seeing rain droplet shadows
through windows
through blinds
half drawn
make shadow games of Tetris
on the wall where her clothes
are draped. Exhale.

©2006 by J. Gabriel Long

Gabe Long is a senior college student at the University of Alabama, studying English and Classics. He was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta and has been writing poetry and fiction since he was a child.

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