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Pete Lee

Hiking Boots

Tongues out in
begging mode,

leashes of laces
loosely in mouths,

side by side, straining in
place toward the open hills.

Thank You

for Kelly

Thank you for inventing
the sport of pole vaulting

long after the last brick
had set in my Great Wall.

Thank you for breaking up
my ice caps, one Mississippi-

sized berg at a time.
Thank you for rushing

my sovereign shores
with your mild armada.

And thank you (merci
beaucoup) for orbiting me

more closely, then settling
on my very shade of blue.

©2006 by Pete Lee

Pete Lee's former occupations include army sergeant/counterintelligence agent, federal intelligence operations specialist, private investigator, newspaper reporter, and social worker. His poetry has been widely published, both in print and online.

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