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Susan Constable

Lozenges of Light

Through panes of coloured glass,
sunlight throws soft hues of blue
and yellow on long, dark pews
where mourners sit, wait
shoulder to shoulder
like blackbirds on a fence.

Music, slower than a heartbeat,
pulls wife and family to the altar.
They pause before a portrait,
place pastel rosebuds in a vase,
watch teardrops slide down
thin white candles.

The widow weeps. Lanky children
fidget, whisper. An old man
dries his eyes with tissues
passed over his shoulder,
while sunlight throws soft hues of blue
through pain and coloured glass.

©2005 by Susan Constable

Susan Constable lives on the west coast of Canada, where she has time to enjoy the ocean at her doorstep. Her poems have been published in several print magazines, including Tower Poetry, Quills, and Island Writers, as well as online, most recently in Poems Niederngasse and Lily.

"Stained Glass" painting by Peter Kabello

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